This is a list of local urgent care centers that can be used in non-emergency situations when Dr. Stachecki's office is closed.  
As always, if the situation is life threatening please go to the nearest emergency roomand have their physician contact Dr. Stachecki.   For situations that are not life-threatening please contact Dr. Stachecki before going to an emergency room. 

We tried to find clinics closest to our patient population but this is not intended to act as a recommendation.   Please check your insurance policy to verify if an urgent care is in-network or you could end up with a significant bill.

Springfield Urgent Care               9749 Dixie Highway  Ste. B    Clarkston, MI   48348      248-733-5268
St. Joseph Mercy Urgent Care     5210 Highland Rd.      Waterford, MI  48327     248-673-2474
Lake Orion Urgent Care              1375 S. Lapeer Rd. Ste 106    Lake Orion, MI 48360     248-693-9040
Clarkston Urgent Care                5701 Bow Pointe Dr. Ste. 100    Clarkston, MI 48346     248-625-2621
Genesys After Hours Clinic         8447 Holly Rd. Ste A    Grand Blanc, MI  48439     810-603-0856
Concentra Urgent Care               1915 N. Perry St.  Pontiac, MI  48340     248-276-3999

Dr. Cary Wolf -podiatrist (central Oakland County only)   248-737-0802

Regional Medical Imaging-low cost radiology services     rmipc.net-check for locations     Flint location 810-732-1919

LabCorp-low cost lab services   LabCorp.com    248-335-0612
Gary Bernstein-- low-income clinic for medical & dental services   248-309-3752
Mobile Podiatry Associates   248-355-9300
NACo live healthy plan-Oakland County         nacohealth.org/index.aspx      877-573-2395
Oakland Community College-- low-cost dental cleanings and x-rays     248-942-3260
Oakland County Health Division-limited medical services, resource referrals     248-858-1306
Mercy Place-medical care for working uninsured through SJMO     248-333-0840
MI Dental Assoc.        smilemichigan.com/Resources/Mobile-Dentist-Directory    800-589-2632

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT(* Indicates donated equipment may be available)
Check your local senior center or fire department.  Veterans should check local veteran’s clubs
Adaptive Environments--stair lifts, ramps, etc.     586-739-9300
Guardian Medical Monitoring (lifeline, medications dispensers)     800-782-9688
Lifeline—federal assistance program     888-225-5322
Pontiac Lighthouse*     248-335-2462
Sheldon Medical     800-341-3244
United Way Equipment Connection for SEM*   dial 211 or 313-226-9200
World Medical Relief*     313-866-5333

Dispensary of Hope—Ascension Providence         dispensaryofhope.org     248-849-3939
Eli Lilly          lillycares.com     800-545-6962
Lantus assistance        sanofipatientconnection.com/patient-assistance-connection     888-847-4877
MI Rx--low-income residents         miHealth.org      866-755-6479
Oakland County Discount Prescription card     877-321-2652
Pfizer         pfizerrxpathways.com/copay-and-savings-offers     844-989-7284
World Medical Relief     313-866-5333
Stores like Kroger, Target, Costco have $4 generic plans.  Check their websites for drug costs.

AT&T National Centers for Customers with Disabilities     866-241-6568
Deaf Community Advocacy Network TDD            deafcan.org     248-332-3331
Deaf & Hearing impaired services                        dhisonline.org     248-473-1888
Leader Dogs for the Blind       leaderdog.org     248-651-9011
Michigan Commission for the Blind     313-456-1646
Michigan Relay Center (TDD)     844-578-6563
Oakland & Macomb Center for Independent Living           dnom.org     800-284-2457
Ticket to Work state of Michigan     800-605-6722

medscape.com                                Reference information on diseases
nih.gov                                           National Institute of Health medical information
cdc.gov                                           Centers for disease control
americanheart.org                           Information on Cardiac diseases and diet information
diabetes.org                                    Information on diabetes and diet information
lungusa.org                                     American lung association
cancer.org                                       Reference information on cancer and support
breastcancer.org                              Breast cancer information and support services
alz.org                                            Alzheimer's Association
nad.org                                           National Association of the Deaf
hospiceinfo.org                                Hospice Information
michigandrugprices.com                   Compares prescription drug costs at area pharmacies
www.loc.gov/nls/                             National library for the blind
hmrprogram.com                             Weight loss program