*Click on the web address and you will be sent directly to the website.  Dr. Stachecki does not guarantee the reliability of the information and recommends you contact his office if you have any questions or concerns. 


www.medscape.com                                Reference information on diseases
www.healthline.com                                 Reference information on diseases
www.healthfinder.com                              Information and health issues
www.nih.gov                                             National Institute of Health medical information
www.cdc.gov                                            Centers for disease control
www.americanheart.org                            Information on Cardiac diseases and diet information
www.diabetes.org                                     Information on diabetes and diet information
www.lungusa.org                                      American lung association
www.cancer.org                                        Reference information on cancer and support
www.breastcancer.org                              Breast cancer information and support services
www.alz.org                                              Alzheimer's Association
www.arthritis.org                                       Arthritis Foundation
www.nad.org                                            National Association of the Deaf
www.loc.gov                                             National library for blind and physically handicapped
www.hospiceinfo.org                                Hospice Information
www.weightwatchers.com                        Weight loss program
www.hmrprogram.com                             Weight loss program-affiliated with Saint Joseph Hospital
www.parkinsonsmi.org                             Michigan Parkinson's Foundation
www.dispensaryofhope.org                      Prescription financial assistance
www.michigandrugprices.com                 Compares prescription drug costs at area pharmacies
SENIOR WEBSITES                                                                                           

www.aaa1b.com                                       Meals on wheels, transportation, other services
www.oakgov.com/seniors-                        Senior centers, senior resources
www.aarp.org                                            American Association of retired persons
www.infoaging.org                                     Discusses healthy aging and diseases associated with aging
www.medicarerights.org                            Discussion of Medicare benefits and rights
www.ncoa.org                                            National Council on Aging
www.ssa.gov                                              Social Security Administration
www.legalhelpmate.com                            Wills and Directives
www.medicare.gov                                     Medicare main site
www.oakgov.com/courts                            Guardianship/Conservatorship Oakland County


www.metroparent.com                              Family activities and resources in Metro Detroit
www.oakgov.com/parksrec                       Events at Oakland County parks
www.Julieslist.homestead.com                 Community resources for families and caregivers
www.fastfoodnutrition.org                          Fast food nutrition information
www.acaloriecounter.com                         Fast food nutrition information in chart form
www.oaklandsheriff.com                           Safety tips & classes, prescription drug collection sites
www.oakgov.com/health                           Health services for Oakland County residents
www.cpsc.gov                                           Lists product recalls
www.ada.gov                                             Resources through the Americans with Disabilities Act
www.va.gov                                               Department of Veteran Affairs
www.lighthouseoakland.org                       Housing, emergency services for food, medical and utilities
www.oaklandfamilyservices.org                 Services for the family at all stages
www.occmha.org                                       Services for mental health, substance abuse, development disability, child services
www.gracecentersofhope.org                    Homeless shelter and services
www.prainc.com/soar             National agency to increase access to disability for homeless or near homeless mentally ill